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Online Spiele Mac

Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory. Top Mac Games kostenlos auf ProSieben Games! Warbirds etwas sagen, dann ist das kostenlose Onlinespiel Star Trek Online das Richtige fĂĽr dich. April gibt es im Epic Games Store wieder zwei Spiele fĂĽr den Auch ein Online-Modus ist dabei, um gegen Online-Spieler anzutreten.

Mac Spiele

Die besten Mac-Spiele kannst du hier direkt als Download online kaufen - Gameliebe, dein Spiele-Download-Portal mit Herz. Mit 2 Jahren Garantie und. So spielt sich Albion Online: Als Sandbox-Titel liegt es an den Spielern, was sie aus dem Spiel machen wollen und wie sie es spielen. Die. League of Legends.

Online Spiele Mac 19. Hyper Light Drifter - Wertung: 85 Video

Top 10 Free Mac Games 2020

Online Spiele Mac Spiele das top-bewertete Strategiespiel und fĂĽhre tapfere Krieger in den Kampf! Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory. Sauerbraten - Cube 2. League of Legends.
Online Spiele Mac
Online Spiele Mac PC Games. Save the fairies from their frozen imprisonment in a game for the Poch family. Search for:. We always keep in mind price tags and production levels to give indies and AAA games equal chances. Chessaria delivers for the first Irland Vs Schweden ever, classic Chess combat backed with an epic fantasy quest. 8 Ball Pool is the biggest & best multiplayer Pool game online! Play billiards for FREE against other players & friends in 1-on-1 matches, enter tournaments to win big! Level up and earn Pool Coins for your wins. Customize with cues & cloths in the Pool Shop. Also available for FREE on iPhone, iPad, iTouch & Android devices. New player?. Play free games for Mac. Big Fish is the #1 place to find casual games! Safe & secure. Free game downloads. No ads. Helpful customer service!. Download and play free Time Management Games for Mac. Race against the clock and click as fast as you can in these fast-paced, high-intensity games!. Play online games for free with no download on your PC, Mac, Android tablet, iPad or mobile phone! Free online solitaire, puzzle games, word games and more!. Play the best free games, deluxe downloads, puzzle games, word and trivia games, multiplayer card and board games, action and arcade games, poker and casino games, pop culture games and more. Ich bin für meinen Teil sehr froh darüber, dass ESO einen Mac Client hat … war für mich auch ein Grund, es mir mal anzusehen und mittlerweile bin ich dabei geblieben. Spiele, Bimi Kaufen in der neuen Welt Evergreen Harbor etwas zu bewegen und für Veränderungen zu sorgen. Die Sims 3: Into the Future. Download: The Mask of Qi kostenlos herunterladen. 3/28/ · Unfortunately, it’s not cross-platform and online multiplayer for Mac users requires some setup; you’re probably better off playing LAN with your friends, who may turn out to be frenemies, creating even more mess, possibly including you, to clean up. Stöbere auf deinem Mac im Mac App Store nach Spiele-Apps und lade sie. Der Mac App Store bietet eine große Auswahl an Spiele-Apps für deinen Mac. Spiele auf dem Mac. Und zwar die Besten. Die Hardware zu schwachbrüstig, die Auswahl an Titeln überschaubar: Lange Zeit war Spielen auf dem Mac nur etwas für Hartgesottene. Doch spätestens. Big Fish Games. The gameplay is straightforward—you Mindestabstand Spielhallen whip or jump on enemies, Djokovic Wawrinka Live up items, or use bombs and ropes to further explore the caves. Rust uses the Unity engine and is as stable as can be expected from an open-world online game. You can technically team up with others to increase your chances of survival, Hippie Englisch people usually end up killing each other. Plus, you'll also be in charge of nearly every aspect of your colonists' lives: their mood, wounds, illnesses, addictions, relationships and more. Bastion takes place in a floating world that constantly changes. Windows gamers are already enjoying The Witcher 3, which I hope will come to the macOS later this year. Josh Blagden on March 4, at am. Not every game has been tested yet but more tests will be added as we continue performing our internal benchmarks. Anyway, upgrade your ship as you play through randomly generated levels for a new experience each time you play. Im Musik Memory muss man Instrumente dem entsprechenden Bild zuordnen oder die fallenden Aldi Süd Lotto auf der Tastatur suchen und den Buchstaben innert der geforderten Zeit drücken. To do that, we have a set of criteria we use for Almira Skripchenko of our games and lists:. Speaking of graphics, the retro Online Spiele Mac here looks great and makes this a lightweight game. If you are worried about potential technical issues, pick up the game on Steam they can offer refunds.

Moment existieren es einen auf ganzer linie (umgangssprachlich) besonderen Gratis Online Poker jetzt Online Spiele Mac die erste Einzahlung: man erhГlt Almira Skripchenko einen Bonus vonseiten bis zu 100 auf die eingezahlte Menge. - Mac Spiele

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Online Spiele Mac

Your username is permanent and yours forever. Enter the email address you use for your Big Fish account. Need help? Please enable JavaScript in your browser to view our site properly.

Show Me How. Big Fish Games. PC Games. Dank diverser Zusatzpakete kann man weitere Szenerien oder Flugzeuge herunter laden.

Kostenlos FlightGear. In verschiedenen fiktiven oder auch real nachgestellten Missionen müssen Sie Ihr Können als Kommandant unter Beweis stellen.

Kostenlos Danger from the Deep. In dem Sinne ist Celestia nicht unbedingt ein Spiel, sondern eher einfach eine Weltraumsimulation.

Celestia kennt über hunderttausend Sterne sowie Planeten, Kometen und Monde. Dank den verschiedenen Optionen kann man sich die Laufbahn von Kometen, Planeten und anderen Himmelskörpern anzeigen lassen.

Kostenlos Celestia. Cold Fusion ist ein Horror-Schocker. Sie wurden ausgewählt um herauszufinden, weshalb der Kontakt zu einer Forschungseinrichtung in der Wildnis Alaskas abgebrochen ist.

Die Regierung arbeitet nämlich dort an einem geheimen Energieprojekt…. In diesem Spiel sind starke Nerven gefordert.

Sie bewegen sich im Spiel in dieser Forschungsstation Gebäude und müssen das Rätsel lösen. Kostenlos Cold Fusion. In Slender schlüpfen Sie in die Rolle einer Person 1st Person Perspektive , welche sich lediglich mit einer Taschenlampe durch einen finsteren Wald bewegt.

Dass Sie bei dieser Suche nicht ganz alleine unterwegs sind, versteht sich von selbst. Der Stander soll eine schlanke Figur sein, welche lange Gliedmassen besitzt und für das Verschwinden von etlichen Kindern verantwortlich sein soll….

Ob man es glaubt oder nicht. Je mehr Seiten Sie finden, um so öfter taucht der Slender auf. Wenn er Ihnen zu Nahe kommt, ist es vorbei. Kostenlos Slender.

Das Spiel ist seinem Vorbild sehr ähnlich. Es stehen etliche Rennstrecken zur Verfügung in welchen Sie gegen anderen Fahrer antreten müssen.

Wer unterwegs PowerUps sammelt, rast in noch höherer Geschwindigkeit durch die Spielwelten. Aber Sie sind nicht alleine!

So machen Ihnen Ihre Gegner das Leben schwer, denn sie rammen und sie schiessen! Aber der Langezeit-Spielspass ist garantiert!

Gesteuert wird mit den Tasten Pfeiltasten und Leertaste. Die Grafik des Spiels ist zwar einfach gehalten, sieht aber sehr lieblich aus.

Dadurch läuft aber das 3D Spiel selbst auf einem älteren oder leistungsschwächerem Mac noch flüssig. Kostenlos SuperTuxCart. Das Autorennen ist grafisch sehr schön umgesetzt.

Nebst Strassenrennen gilt es auch Rally Parcours zu meistern. Die Fahrzeuge und deren Fahrphysik verhalten Sie realistisch. Kostenlos VDrift.

Das Game bietet einen sehr realistischen Fahrspass und ermöglicht packende Autorennen auf dem Mac. Es stehen 25 Rennstrecken zur Auswahl.

Von Ralley bis Strassenrennen ist fĂĽr jeden Geschmack etwas dabei. Want to build a monstrous maximum security prison or a comfortable rehabilitation center?

The choice is yours. The graphics are very simplistic, though, but at least an older Mac should be able to run it. You control a character that will need to fetch quests and kill monsters to level up and become stronger.

Am I saying this because I'm a Lord of the Rings geek? Plus, LotRO offers a ton of content before forcing you to pay for anything.

That alone put the game on my radar. Like Bastion, Transistor also has a narrator that keeps you company as you play.

Surprisingly, it still works just as well as it did before and comes from the same voice actor. Transistor includes many RPG elements, but the real highlight is the combat.

Combat can take place both in real-time and also in a planning mode where you can pause the action. As you level up, you gain more combat skills, and you will have to plan your attacks carefully.

KOTOR 2 picks up around five years after the events from the original game and features a more complex moral system, a new influence system, better combat, and a great story.

KOTOR 2 is certainly old first released in , but Aspyr remastered it and released it for the first time on Mac last year.

This new version includes Steam Workshop support, achievements, controller support, and native widescreen resolution support.

This is a hardcore role-playing game that is both difficult and dark. It offers tactical combat and tons of RPG elements.

Four of them are fully customizable, with many skills, stats, and appearances to choose from. The remaining three are NPCs with their own agendas and motivations.

Nothing short of a pop culture phenomenon, Untitled Goose Game puts you in the role of a goose and places you in a town full of unsuspecting people just trying to get along.

Sneak your way through this sandbox-style game to play pranks, cause mayhem, and annoy as many people as you can. Coming to Mac later this year.

Adventure Low No Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 is a free-to-play shooter from Valve, the company I used to see as a blessing for gaming, but is starting to change my mind.

TF2 is a team-based FPS that lets you choose among nine classes. After choosing a character, you then join a team and battle in a variety of game modes, including capture the flag and king of the hill.

But no matter the game mode, nothing beats a good combination of players who know how to use their classes.

This first-person shooter from Treyarch and Activision provides three full game modes to keep you busy: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies.

Each mode features multiplayer options, its own unique story, and hoards of zombies to kill. And since you likely want even more zombies, the Zombies Chronicles expansion is now part of the base purchase.

The game focuses on four survivors who have to make their way to a safe house. As one of the survivors, you will have to fight hordes of monsters ranging from zombies to larger creatures.

The missions are dynamically altered and will adjust the difficulty and quantity of monsters as you go.

This will keep things interesting and challenging no matter your skills. Left 4 Dead 2 is a fun game in and of itself, but it's even better with friends.

This is one of the best cooperative games out there, and it would be a shame to miss all the added fun. Left 4 Dead 2 doesn't have particularly impressive graphics, but with so much action happening at once, you will need a recent Mac to run it.

Who would want to play a game about driving a truck? Much more. First of all, this game is both a truck-driving simulator and a business management simulator.

You start as a freelance driver delivering goods to win money and XP. But once you have enough saved up, you can buy your own truck and start running your own business.

You also get to travel across Europe and explore dozens of cities from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and many more.

But more importantly, the actual driving is quite good. The handling is precise, the scenery beautiful, and the attention to detail impressive.

All this works together to create a relaxing and almost hypnotic driving experience. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a good-looking game too and you'll need a modern Mac to run it smoothly.

Yet, the team behind it continued working hard and now X-Plane 11 promises to be the most detailed, realistic, and modern flight simulator ever created.

In fact, as far as simulation games for Mac go, this one is can't miss. X-Plane 11 is quite an achievement because it appeals to both detail-obsessed geeks and recreational enthusiast.

In both cases, the realistic 3-D cockpits, the busy airports, and the beautiful sceneries will let you absorb the beauty of flight.

X-Plane 11 can be an impressive looking game too. Turn all settings to high and the game will populate the world with buildings and roads.

Turn them to low and it should be able to run on modest hardware. Over 12 million players crawl the servers every day! If you're looking for good games for Mac, look no further.

In League of Legends, players form two teams that compete against each other. The game has over champions to choose from, each with unique abilities, weaknesses, and strengths.

This makes it a hard game to learn and master. Their community is known for being a bit aggressive, so expect some abuse if you mess up!

But do you know what really makes LoL worth a shot anyway? But in case you missed the most famous indie of all time, Minecraft lets you use blocks to build anything and everything you could ever imagine.

I can barely build a fort, but some people have recreated the Death Star, Rohan, and more. Minecraft is also a survival game.

Monsters come out at night, so make sure you build a shelter. You will also have to find food, craft weapons, and explore to find useful resources.

Plus, retro graphics mean that Minecraft can run on most Macs, including my inch Macbook Air. In KSP, you take control of an entire space program.

You get to build spacecrafts and launch them. It sounds simple, but this is a hardcore physics simulator where you will fail.

And the cute characters and sense of humor certainly help too. Kerbal Space Program is complex, fun, and extremely rewarding.

And it also happens to have reasonable system requirements. In EVE, you can choose from a variety of professions including mining, manufacturing, trading, piracy, and more.

EVE also features amazing space battles and an endless supply of ships. There are are small little jumpers but also giant vessels, some larger than entire cities.

If you like space combat, you should definitely give it a shot. The Remastered Collection brings polished graphics, high-res textures, better lighting effects, and a new UI—enough to compete against modern games.

This, combined with a great story and atmosphere, makes this collection a must. For a long time, players debated whether this was the best strategy game of all time, and now that both Homeworld games have been modernized, the debate can continue.

Strategy Medium No Europa Universalis 4 Europa Universalis 4 Europa Universalis 4 had an ambitious goal: to be more accessible to newcomers without sacrificing the depth the series is loved for.

Developer Paradox succeeded, creating the finest grand strategy game out there. Because a nation cannot excel everywhere, you will need to make some decisions.

Should you strive for a strong economy or a powerful military? The entirety of Earth can be owned, conquered, and colonized. Doki Doki Literature Club!

Doki Doki Literature Club is actually a psychological horror game in disguise. It all starts innocently, though. You play as a character that is part of a high school literary club.

You get to write poems and flirt with the various girls in the club. But things take a turn when the objective becomes keeping the girls alive Strangely enough, this is one of the few games that try to be many different things at once and succeeds.

In Superhot, time only moves when you move. Most shooters are about quick reflexes. Superhot is about stopping to take the time to figure out your next move.

You will often be surrounded, and pausing time will be your best weapon. Once you learn how to use it, you will be able to dodge bullets, aim for headshots, and pretty much kick ass.

Your enemies are made of glass, and watching them explode is priceless. Plus, the lack of detailed textures gives this game moderate system requirements and should play fine on most modern Macs.

But then Sleeping Dogs came to finally deliver a worthy, modern experience. Taking place in Hong Kong, you play as an undercover cop that aims to take down the Triad.

The game plays a lot like Grand Theft Auto. In fact, it can look extremely good when all the settings are maxed out, but you can lower the settings to enjoy it on more average hardware.

First, because it was the first Dawn of War game since , and second, because it improved upon everything the first two entries did before. Just like Dawn of War 2, the game focuses on hero units and upgrades, and instead of encouraging you to build huge armies, it encourages you to upgrade your most experienced units and heroes.

Dawn of War 3 also brings more polish, an exciting mission campaign, and cross-platform multiplayer between macOS and Linux.

Dawn of War 3 comes with great graphics too. The original Witcher was a great game, but The Witcher 2 is even better. Windows gamers are already enjoying The Witcher 3, which I hope will come to the macOS later this year.

Still, The Witcher 2 is a hell of a game, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. Some gamers told me it was full of bugs.

The game takes place in real-time and lets you use politics, economics, or warfare to build your empire. The combat is fine, but the social and political mechanics are what make this game shine.

There are assassinations, marriages, bribes, and countless other situations that you can make work in your favor. Honestly, some situations are just crazy.

Does your mother want to kill your brother? Did you discover your son likes to mutilate animals? This shows the commitment of the developer to create something unique.

The game is stable and runs fine even on older Macs. And as an added bonus, the game is now free-to-play! Celeste centers around a young girl named Madeline and her adventure to the top of Celeste Mountain.

Jump, dash, climb, die, jump, dash, climb, advance. Do you have what it takes to help your colony survive? Oxygen Not Included is a space-colony sim that tasks you with mastering new technology, dealing with strange lifeforms, and using your scientific skills to keep your base running.

And did we mention the oxygen supply? Plenty of DLC will keep management fans busy. RimWorld may seem somewhat simplistic at first, probably because of the bare-bones graphics, but this simulation game is nothing but simple.

Plus, you'll also be in charge of nearly every aspect of your colonists' lives: their mood, wounds, illnesses, addictions, relationships and more. Simulation Low No Portal 2 Portal 2 Portal 2 is a weird combination of a platformer and a first-person shooter.

Portal 2 can also be played cooperatively, and you should. For a first-person game, Portal 2's Mac version isn't too demanding and can be played on a relatively modest setup.

Hotline Miami is an ultra-violent top-down shooter set in The game tells the story of two characters who have to commit massacres against the Russian Mafia in Miami.

But what made this game an indie classic was the way it combined stealth and extreme violence, along with a soundtrack and visuals that perfectly matched that s feeling.

The gameplay is simple but precise and solid. You will want to retry levels for the sake of getting a perfect score. Hotline Miami 2 did a lot of the same, but it never managed to be as good as the original.

If in doubt, get the cheaper and better Hotline Miami and thank me later. This is a retro game that can run on even older Macs. The game follows the story of a highschool senior.

Although she looks like your average teenager, she can actually rewind time and affect the past, present, and future.

You will, however, find a great story full of choices and consequences. The game looks quite good and yet it can run on low-specs machines, such as my aging MacBook Air.

Gone Home is set in a big empty mansion. As you return home from a long trip abroad, you realize your family is missing. The only clue is a note from your sister asking you not to try to find them.

The gameplay is limited to you investigating the mansion and inspecting objects. Nachtrag: Die Einträge zu den drei genannten Spiele sind bei der ersten Version des Artikels tatsächlich nicht veröffentlicht worden, das habe ich schnell nachgeholt - Sorry!

Toll, da werden wieder Killerspiele empfohlen. Kein Wunder, dass immer mehr Kinder Amok laufen oder irgendwas in die Luft sprengen.

Bitte korrigieren, auch im Sinne des Jugendschutzes. Spiele nun seit gut 15 Jahren Computer und Konsolenspiele jeglicher Art und habe noch nicht einmal das Bedürfnis gehabt jemanden zu töten, Amok zu laufen oder etwas in die Luft zu sprengen.

Ich habe meinerzeit jedes! Killerspiel gespielt und Soldier of Fortune auch dafĂĽr gefeiert dass man jeden Finger einzeln in 3 Teilen wegnatzen konnte.

Gleichzeitig Jungschützenmeister geworden im die Schweizer können es :p und stell dir vor: ich bin so nett du würdest mir deine ganze Verwandtschaft anvertrauen um sie über die Strasse zu begleiten Bin der netteste Schweizer der Welt Echt ey, wenn ich das schon lese, Killerspiele machen Kinder agressiv.

Ja genau, wenn die Eltern die Zügel so schleifen lassen und wenn es kein Ende vor dem Rechner gibt, dann Wenn sich die Eltern gegenüber ihren Kids nicht mehr durchsetzen können, dann tuts mir leid A sci-fi action RTS with a focus on huge battles, DoW2 allows you to play the complete single player campaign with a friend in cooperative multiplayer.

A counterpoint to the base-building in Starcraft, Dawn of War is all about leveling up your characters and armies to fight.

If sci-fi action is what you and a friend want, this is for you. Some recommend shorter sessions due to the bright graphics, giving everyone their chance to strike and parry.

And with cooperative multiplayer, you can do all this with your friends or find new friends to play with online.

In addition to LAN and online co-op, multiplayer games can also become PvP if you choose to not get along. The game also features improved graphics, a mini-game, and uncapped frame rates.

With a large selection of characters and weapons for you to choose from and upgrade and a wide variety of gameplay modes, Castle Crashers is a huge value for the money.

Multiplayer is cross-platform and includes Arena mode with free-for-all and team vs. The third dimension is key to your ability to find resources during the day and avoid or sneak up on enemies at night.

In Marvel Superheroes 2 you can play as many of the Marvel superheroes, including alternatives found throughout the comic and movie franchises.

Battle Kang the Conqueror across time and various locations in a new story picking up from the first entry.

Co-op or competitive local multiplayer with up to four people includes new challenges and battle arenas. NA Metascore Action No. Our Criteria.

Wrapping Up. Next How to play Windows games on Mac. About The Author. Steven Marx Steven Marx has been playing games on the Macintosh since his brother brought home a used Mac k in Josh Blagden on March 4, at am.

I would have put StarCraft II on this list. MUR on October 11, at am. Minion Masters is a great online co-op.

Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Most Read. Search for:. Borderlands 2. StarCraft 2 Strategy. Starcraft 2 is the sequel to possibly the best space RTS ever.

A top-down heist game featuring pixel graphics, simple mechanics and a focus on strategy and planning, Monaco has singleplayer, multiplayer and co-op multiplayer, which is where it really shines.

Total War: Warhammer Strategy. Total War: Warhammer offers the strategic empire building and real-time battles the TW series is known for.

Killing Floor Shooter. A horror survival FPS, Killing Floor features squads of six soldiers dropped into locations in England to kill waves of zombies and horrible mutants.

Warhammer 40, Dawn of War 2 Strategy. Nidhogg 2 Action. A sequel to the popular indie platformer fighting game, Nidhogg 2 features more colorful and grotesque graphics, more weapons, complete character customization, and a top-notch soundtrack.

Terraria Adventure. A sandbox action-adventure-survival game featuring pixel graphics, Terraria is sometimes described as a 2D Minecraft clone.

Online Spiele Mac


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